Mademoiselle.. The star on Naja Saade’s scene for Spring-Summer 2019

Naja Saade brings back to life the stage golden days and its glamorous stars, through “Mademoiselle” his new evening dresses collection for Spring – Summer 2019.
“Mademoiselle” is the story of a mythical star who led a life full of mysteries and contradictions.

Between stage rehearsals, studio recordings, TV appearances, world tours and worldwide performances, the time she spent in fitting rooms was her favorite. Her dresses (outfits) were her companions. They witnessed her fears, doubts and vulnerability behind the scene, and at the same time, all the glory, joy and love she felt once on stage. They also witnessed the loneliness and the bitter reality she faced once the lights went down. Just as loyal friends do, her dresses kept her secrets safe till death called her on a new journey away from her huge success but away from her tragedies too. One message each and every dress conveyed: “The Star”, amidst all the light and glitter, was looking for nothing but Love: Real, pure Love.

In his new collection of 30 gowns, Naja Saade used different kinds of fine luxury fabrics, from Silk Crepe to tulle and lace adorned with feathers and Charleston beadings. The dresses were embellished with sequins, glitter and Swarovski embroideries reflecting “Mademoiselle” cachet.

The dresses came in a rich palette of different colors degradations, in addition to gold, silver, as well as daring shades of blue, red and green alluding to a star making a dramatic entrance.

Inspired by the diva who refuses to be confined to a unique style, Naja designed the gowns in all shapes and lengths including jumpsuits and shorts as well as an abundance of luxurious pleats.

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