Alexis is the new artist to sign with Universal Music MENA and bravely launches her album ‘This is Me’. “It is important for me to take control of my own narrative…to not allow others to speak on my behalf.” This album is dedicated to just that; and is available to stream or download on all platforms.
With a harder edge and a definite sense of purpose, singer/songwriter/producer, Alexis enters a new chapter in her musical career and personal life with the imminent release of, 'This Is Me...', her second full length studio album in almost seven years.
Dually inspired by her own personal narrative and the global shifts in consciousness towards marginalized groups of people, Alexis has crafted a suite of material that gives an unambiguous and candid view into her life. 'This Is Me...' imbues her signature R&B vocals across trap beats, bluegrass banjos and symphonic string arrangements. A bold move, yet within her music she never strays far from her core identity.
On this long-awaited album, Alexis tackles some of the many issues that have beset her fledging career. With cameos from family members, candid narrative interludes and ‘in your face lyrics’, she invites listeners into a world that she has often kept guarded, until now.
As with her debut project, 'Speak Love...', Alexis teams up with Grammy Award winning producers, Carvin & Ivan, to deliver the Retro-Soul track, 'Love Will...'. Reminiscent of the 'Philadelphia Sound' with the lush string arrangement and dynamic percussions by Bashiri Johnson (longtime player for Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston).
'Unapologetic' and 'Morning Noon Night' are other standout tracks. The former shows a vulnerability from the singer that we have been waiting to hear, raw and poignant while the latter shows the more sensual and grown up side to the artist. A cameo from Canadian break out rapper, Kip, adds a new and different sound for Alexis.
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